Setting clock and mph; not kmph


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I've never been able to set the clock on my 09 FZr6. Not only that, but I keep track of my mileage--consistently around 35 mpg here in NYC--by resetting the trip odometer on every tank fill. Somehow I've managed to change the metric to kmph from mph. Cannot for the life of me get it to go back to mph. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.


To set clock:
Push Select and reset button at the same time for at least two seconds
When display flashes, push reset to set the hours. Push select, and minutes will flash. push reset to change minutes, then push select to set the time. Display should stop flashing.. :)
To change kph to mph, press and hold the select button for at least two seconds. Not positive if it works in all modes or if it is only while the odometer is displayed. :) Good luck. :)