Riding all winter long?


Hello. I am wondering if anyone has ridden their fz6r in the dead cold of winter. (Or at least above 28F degrees

I rode my rebel 300 last year all winter when not snowing and above 28 degrees or so.

Is this also doable with the fz6r? I just got new tires, new chain and sprockets (15/48) spark plugs and oil change. I have a zero gravity double bubble windscreen also.

I'm not worried about cold to my body as I have gear for that. Just wondering if this bike is bad to ride in very cold weather for any reason.

I even rode the rebel in the cold rain a few times without issue. So i would like to keep riding the fz6r if possible.

Any info or advice or experiences from someone who has ridden in winter I'd like to hear from you!!

Thank you!
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All modern motorcycles will do fine in winter conditions. I've ridden my FZ6R in temps down to 36 degrees.

The variables are tires and rider skill. I have Michelin Road 5's on my bike and they do fine all year.
I’m curious about this post as I’ve seen some folks lamenting cold start idle issues with their FZ6R online. Down South, I ride all year long so gas never sits longer than a month. I’ll be the first to say thank goodness for fuel injection! My last carb bike needed a LONG time to wake up in January. Curious to see how my newly found FZ6R does over the next 6 months.

Rode mine all winter in Wisconsin a few years ago. It started fine, except for a few days when it was really cold and the key wouldnt turn. Dropped it once on black ice in a parking lot. Other than that it was good!