R6 Rearsets mod complete

I’m thinking about doing a write up on this I just wanted to see if t would be a worth while post. I got the Rearsets off an 09 R6 and installed them on my 09 FZ6R

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Very interested! Write it up!

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Looks interesting. I think people could be interested in more info. I would. Does it change your riding position much?

Could you post pics from further away to give a better impression on how it looks on the bike overall? Might look better painted black also.
Okay I will put some work into it. I have to take some more pictures of the backside. The riding position does change your legs end up higher but the shift response is a lot better especially down shifting. I’m sure you could set them lower. Only real parts I had to buy was the nut on the backside of the bottom bolt and loctite. Here are a couple more pictures

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Any video on how to do this mod? This looks great!! I have been thinking of doing this as well as an r6 fairing conversion.