Plugged tire help


Hey guys/gals..

So after parking at work today I noticed a nail sticking out of my rear tire. I plugged it (thankfully I had plug with me) but it's quite flat now.

I'm worried I might damage the rim or something if I ride it. I'm always confused about this topic.

I've ridden with a plugged tire for quite a while but it never really got flat, just deflated a little bit. After putting air in it was fine.

There is a gas station 1.5 miles from my job. I'm assuming they should have air. But it will be 11pm so I have to rely on a machine and they often don't work.

There is another one about 2 miles away so one should have a working machine.

Otherwise I am 13 miles from home and I usually take the parkway but I can take the backroads which will add 2 or so miles. I have a portable air inflater at home.

I've attached photos of the tire and the nail. It's pretty long and 3/4ths of it was in my tire.

Please can anyone advise me if it's OK to ride at least to gas station if not 13 miles home going slow??

Thank you


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Thanks for reply.

Got lucky and co worker noticed it and told me he had air inflater in his truck. So got air and no leaks so it's fine for now.

But ty.
I did realize shortly after that I couldn't ride it which is why I tried to delete post.