Looking for a stock exhaust anybody have one?

Be warned - shipping is probably going to be way more than $100.

It's not the weight, but the size of the box that drives up the cost. Someone on here was going to buy a front fender from me and it was going to be around $70 to ship it - all carriers were about the same price.
I'm looking for a stock exhaust, too. Any body in the Dallas / Fort Worth area have one they are looking to sell?
That's a good idea -- I have been checking craigslist but I'll give FB marketplace a shot too. I am going to pull the air box this weekend, to make sure that the smog gear is still hooked up. If it isn't, I'll have to pass on the stock exhaust

Thanks, man. I bought a re-pack kit, so I'm going to see if that will take it down a couple of DB. If it doesn't, I'll reach out!
Awesome, just let me know. I recently moved to a different storage unit and made sure to stick the exhaust out front near the door so I can quickly get to it :D