Kawasaki Versys 650


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I traded my 2014 FZ6R for a 2017 new Versys 650. Go for the newer 650, I believe 2016 is the new gen...bigger body, it’s a little larger than the older ones. It’s a better all around bike, especially for longer rides. Get a Seat Concepts seat kit, I had one on my FZ6R too. I’m 6.3 and 205...so the FZ6R was smaller for me. I miss the refinement of the Yamaha inline 4 but that grunt of the Versys 650 is definitely more powerful. I took off the hand guards, they created helmet buffeting. I added a top case and small wind deflector to the stock wind screen. I put spools on it for the rear paddock stand and I think it’s the perfect all around bike this price point. Check out Zack’s review on YouTube, Revzilla channel, he used to be MC Commute...he gives it high praise!