Question Is a delkevic full exhaust worth it?

Jay Blue

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As the title states I'm wondering if a delkevic full exhaust system is any good. I'd really like to get a better sound out of my 2013 fz6r and or a small amount of power, i know a two bros is a good exhaust system, but I can't justify spending around a quarter of what the bike is worth on one.
I know I can get a slip on, but I would like to keep the stock exhaust intact as not having crazy mods on the bike makes it easier to resell as it is still some what of a beginner bike.
So basically is a delkevic exhaust any good for the price of around $350, or would it be something I would end up regretting?
Now that I have posted this I believe I might have put it in the wrong place, I apologize if this is the case.
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I really like mine, I have had for about 2 months now and it’s great. I have noticed that it breaths ten times better and the lower RPM range from 2000 to about 8000 it’s gotten more responsive. The install was pretty easy, a buddy of mine suggested getting a power commander for it cuz my gas mileage has dropped about 2-3 mpg in town but that could also be the way I’ve been riding.