How many miles on your FZ6R?


These Yamaha's are bulletproof. There was a 2009 FZ6R on the local craigslist with 230,000 miles on it - it looked a bit ragged, but supposedly still ran fine.

I know of a 2002 R1 with 89,000 miles on it and it still runs like a champ.


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Yamaha engines are bad ***. My 2009 vstar (brand new 0 miles bought in late 2009) had 58000 before I sold it. The 2013 FZ6R has 29K on it (Bought it in 2015 with 5k miles on it).

As long as you take care of the bike it should last a very long time.


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I had 89,000 on mine when i got rear ended at a stop light. Took advantage of a screaming deal and got a FJR1300 next. Have 37,000 on that at the 2 year mark.

Yamaha makes great engines and bikes. I’m commuting just over 100 miles per day. Ergonomics are better on the FJR but the bike is wider and I’m not able to split lanes as well so adds time to my commute.

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Just over 13k on my 09, but I abused the crap out of it for the first 7 years of its life, being outside and such. Finally got a house with a garage, and have done a lot of maintenance on it lately. Never given me a problem.


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I purchased my 2013 brand new in 2015 from a dealership. I've gone 19,000 miles in 3 years and I just replaced the tires for its first time. (Continental Conti-Motion as recommended by posters here). Its been a great motorcycle ownership experience.