high mileage valve clearance, how important to change shims


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I have 2009 Yamaha FZ6R. I am doing the second valve clearance check. (80,000 kms, first was at 40,000 kms). The numbers are on the tight side. Three of the exhaust shims are .008 and the min is .009. The .008 feelings more like a .0085. I have heard that as the mileage gets higher the need to adjust valves is less since the seating is lesser. I was thinking of not changing them and leave it the way it is or this a bad idea?

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I have an 09 model that just turned 56k miles, and I've never adjusted the valves. My bike also barely wants to idle on cold starts during cooler temps. I'm slowly collecting all the stuff needed to complete the job. I'd say if you've gotten your fill of the bike's life, leave it alone. If you want more life out of the bike, then get the valve clearances within spec. These engines are obviously very forgiving by design, but I personally feel like I've "pushed it" far enough and intend to get my clearances within spec as soon as possible. I guess I would advise you to make your decision accordingly.

Congrats on the high mileage, too, by the way.


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