Hard shifting after oil change


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So this is odd...
I just bought the bike, so I figured it would be a good idea to give it some fresh oil and a new filter.
I put in Shell Rotella T6 Full Synthetic 5w-40, and a PurolatorONE PL14612 filter. Everything went easy, no issues removing the filter or anything.
After the change, when the bike is cold, all is good. However, as it comes up to temp, the shifting seems to get more and more rough, and I basically can't find neutral anymore.
I can sometimes shift to 2nd, then tap it down into N, but often I have to actually shut the bike off to get it in N.
Any idea what's going on? This oil is JASO certified MA/MA2, and it's highly recommended here and on other bike forums, plus I've used it in other bikes in the past with no issues.
I'm baffled.

One thought... I seem to recall that I had the fill level a hair on the high side. Could that cause the funky shifting? It wasn't way over, just all the way up to the top of the marked section on the dipstick.


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The oil is good like that. how many miles is on the bike? and is your clutch wire looking good maybe you got too much free play?


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Turns out oil level was simply too high. I removed several ounces and it's fine now.
To answer your question, just under 12k on the clock, and the clutch seems to be fine. Thanks for the reply!