Group Riding


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Good info.
This appears to be an excellent reference, and I will revisit the articles if I ever group ride again - definitely sticky worthy.
As everyone else has been saying, thanks for the post. This has some very good info about proper group riding etiquette.

I've yet to go out on a group ride, but I plan on absorbing all of this to the best of my ability first.

+Rep was given.
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The Pace, I understand about not gunning it on the straights, but nah, I hang off like a twat everytime.

Don't listen to me though, I've lost my license and have been relegated to low siding, flipping and sliding down the road on my pushbike on a regular basis thinking I've got the same brakes and grip as a sportsbike. I should be kissing the policeman's and policewoman's butts, I was definitely getting complacent thinking I was getting good on the sportsbike or something.

It's all about the safety though, ride safe.

If you are like me and want to get to the head of the pack on group rides and you start getting emotional when you see a rear tyre in front of you, you might want to save it all for the race track which is cheaper than paying for speeding fines etc, ride safe.
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