FZ6R Stunt/Streetfighter build


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Right now my goal is to build a low-key stunt streetfighter bike that looks good (for now) and is fun to rip around the streets or just isnt anything crazy in order to stay true to the jack-of-all-trades fizzer we all know and love

Right now ive got -1/+3 sprockets on the way but i might go for -1/+1 or something that doesnt turn the bike into a royal pain after a few minutes going highway speeds.

I spent most of today looking at some FZ6 Crash Cages and Race Rails to see if any would fit on the 6R, Im still not sure about any so im hoping one of you guys might know of one that fits.

Now im looking at a single caliper handbrake kit that requires a early 2000s r6/r1 rear MC in order to function so i was wondering if that would play nice with our mount holes( https://streetbikesupply.com/collections/rear-hand-brakes/products/dual-fitting-handbrake-kit )

Im pretty sure the R6 MC will fit since ive seen threads about people switching out the entire system. But im thinking if R6 calipers fit then shouldnt a dual caliper bracket for an r6 also fit?

Im just laying my thoughts out seeing what sticks
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Alright so ive received my rear sprocket and chain, now just waiting on the front. I think ill keep this -1/+3 setup see how it goes. Though i could probably just do -2/0 since it would be the same but weigh less. Its not the end of the world

Im thinking of turning this into a build progress thread, hope thats okay (?)

Here's a part/mod list ive compiled up, * means there's a link
- XJ6 crash cage* (in gold or black)
- 4 degree timing advance*
- -1/+3 and speedohealer
- Twin Headlight with extra character*
- 1.5" Fork Lowering (might get a lowering link for the rear but that might lose the stance and nimbleness i would gain from dropping the front)
- Airbox Mod
- Muffler delete, will probably replace with a Smaller muffler (just an example*. and a Amazon Shorty Exhaust for looks*
- power commander auto tune
- Rear Tire hugger*
- Lower Bars* and Lower bar clamps*
- Solid Mounted Driver and passenger pegs like you can see on the XJ6 Cage 6 Concept
- single caliper handbrake kit
- side fairings to chop up like this (super unsure about this one)
(might get black XJ6 Side fairings instead, to be decided)

There are other mods ill consider doing once i get most of everything i want done. Like attempting a "ram"/fresh air intake, Insulating the airbox, intake sensor relocation, custom foot plate, and r6 brakes

Want to go with a black and gold theme but i dont know if itll be too flashy. There's an FZ6R model ive seen that has gold rims and black fairings with gold lettering that ill go with if i choose to go for the black/gold look.

Other option i see is to go full on black

Attached the picture of the 6R Model i mentioned, and two of what my bike looks like right now


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How much do you want for it? Also saw a pic of your stunt build, is the subcage/12 bar custom or did you buy it from somewhere?
the front cage won't fit with fairings i got it for 500+, i think i'll keep it for now. i would sell you a custom 12 bar/subcage its one part