Need Help FZ6R 2014 model hard starting and dies when touching the trohotol


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I started checking for fuel and removed the pump. I know i replaced it a week ago but want to make sure i didn't miss any thing. I noticed the feul filter is inside the fuel pump housing, i never seen this before. Its a sealed unit so i can't replace the filter but i need to check the condition of the filter before moving to next step. So what i have done is neatly cutting open the bottom of the plastic housing where filter sits, i have never seen a filter so old and damaged. I also noted that the pressure valve does not open. Its rusted closed. I removed the pressure valve and cleaned all the rust and it seems to be properly opening and closing now. I removed the old fuel filter and replaced the plastic bottom. I used my solder to melt the plastic together. I will get a normal in line fuel filter but for now i really want to see if the problem is sorted. I had a call out so was unable to test the bike. Hopefully tomorrow morning i can test and let you know. Thanks for the advice so far.


Yikes, sounds like you opened a can of worms, hope it works out.