Need Help FZ6R 2014 Model Error Code _01


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Hi guys, I please need help with my FZ6R 2014 year model. I have looked everywhere and can’t seem to find a lot of info on my problem.

Y bike was driving fine till the day it just died at the stop sigh, push the bike to the side of the road and noticed the fuel pump not priming. Popped of the seat and checked for loose connection on battery but when I touched the haring close to the ECU the pump started priming again. Tried starting the bike again and she started right up. Next morning when I tried starting her same story, fuel pump not priming and error code _1. While checking the relays and fuses while ignition on the pump started priming and she started right up for about 15 sec and died showing error code _01. And that was the last time she started. The manual said to check wiring, I had the wiring harness completely redone but still won’t start and error code _01 still showing.

I think it might be the ECU but don’t have the money to replace the ECU and hopping to be 100% certain before having to get hold of enough cash for new ECU.

Please help, any suggestions would be appreciated