Front Suspension Adjustment?


The front suspension is not adjustable. The only way to adjust it is to replace the fork internals (oil, springs, etc.)


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As stated above...switch the internals. The cheapest way is to switch the oil. Going to a 10w or 15w oil will make a difference. I would start with some oil just to get a new feel. I had a blown fork seal so i replaced the seals and oil with 10w. Noticeable difference from stock. Next time I replace the seals I'll use 15w.
Just did gold valve emulators. Front definitely feels more planted. Fork removal and disassembly wasn't hard, just too some time to do it all. You need to drill 2 holes into your damper rods. Amazon was cheaper than the local bike shop. couple seals/dust cover, 20wt oil, and you're good to go. My weight didn't require replacement of springs.


I just went to a 10W, I would not recommend going higher. It makes quite a difference. This is with all original forks and internals.


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I went with 20wt oil with no issues. Huge difference. Also added fork preload spacers. I'll be honest I dont know much about suspension but I made a mechanical engineer friend who helped me sort out the front and it made a huge difference.

Grain of salt I'm a heavy guy that looks like he should be on a harley so ymmv