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Hello all,

Question on frame sliders. On the Shogun and OES brands, one side is longer than the other. My best guess is that the mounting locations are not the same distance from the fairings so they're offset and with the fairings on, they look like they stick out the same distance (looks balanced). Can someone confirm that for me?

Also, I saw these engine guard frame sliders on ebay. It's just one brand/seller so I'm kind of skeptical if they fit, even though it lists the FZ6R. Has anyone tried these and could comment if they're useful at all?

I just measured my OES ones and from the outside of the fairing to the outside edge of the frame sliders it’s balanced they are both roughly 2 5/8” from the fairing.

The other question you have I wouldn’t know that.

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Thanks cocosrandom, that helps.

Another question is for anyone that has the cut version of the frames sliders. I saw in Half Click Up's review video that there are markings on the fairings to show where to cut. On my fairings, it doesn't seem very obvious where the markings would be. There is a small circle marking in the place where I would think the frame sliders would go, so that could be it, but I guess I was imagining a large circle marking outlining the exact size you would need to cut. If anyone has info on that, it would be helpful. I've added pics to show what I mean by the small circle marking.