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Howdy y’all,
It’s been almost a full year since I bought my 09 FZ6R, and I was just curious to know what should I do for an exhaust. I read the other threads and saw that I have to get an air box mod & power command for the full exhaust. Would I still have to get all of that for a exhaust slip on? Also, would it be worth it to just get a slip on? I’m just going for more sound for safety reasons, because the bike is too quiet for my liking with all these distracted drivers.
I look forward to hearing y’all answers, stay safe and bless y’all


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I’m with you on this one. Considering all of the same questions. I’m hoping doing the delkevic full exhaust is a decent option that requires nothing but the install... no tuning wanted here! I’ll be waiting for some replies as well, thanks for the post.


There is no slip on option for this bike. You have to go full exhaust by buying one or create one using an R6 exhaust (many threads on that

I went the R6 custom option. I used block off plates, didn't use a power commander or any other controller. I put on a crappy muffler tip since my state doesn't have much for emissions requirements.

It was LOUD and would shoot flames on deceleration.

After about a year, I took it all off and went back to stock. It was too loud and would get annoying.

Other experiences my differ. This is just mine.


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I second Black Widow exhaust. I have the 300mm tri-oval carbon muffler. It looks and sounds awesome! The build quality is great too. It was about $450 shipped to the states. For the price, look and quality I dont think there is any better option IMO. I left the baffle in and the sound is loud, but not obnoxious.


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I also recently wen't with a Black Widow full exhaust for my 09 FZ6R, looks and sounds amazing now and no tune needed. Went with Black Widow as they are about the same price as the delkevic ones but have better options as you can get either under body like the stock or on the side of the bike and a bunch of mufflers to choose from. I went with the 200mm Carbon tipped one.

All in was about $700 Canadian.
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