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Does anyone have a motorcycle superstore coupon they would like to give away?

Didn't see a thread for this either so we can make this a catch-all for anyone who gets a coupon and doesn't think they will use it, just throw it up on here and if someone uses it just post with a quote so everyone knows it is not available.

If there is a thread on this and I missed it, moderators feel free to delete.

Copy and pasted from below:

Please post any Coupons you have that can be used to this thread!!!
in this format:

Website link----
deal-----------(31% off metzeler tires or 5% of all ready discounted ones)
Exp Date------(31May2012)
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Would be greatly appreciated, I need to order a jacket for the girly friend.
Sounds good man, thanks again! Yea I am from the Twin Cities (East burbs) but I go to school in Winona right now. And I am not an AMA member I usually pick stuff up from Motorcycle Superstore. I should look into bike bandit though.
MN Greg was going to PM me one as well so if anyone needs this one feel free to scoop it up. Just quote the coupon in a post so everyone knows once its used.
Thanks Greg! Everyone else the coupon posted above is still available.
BUMP ANYONE HAVE A COUPON FOR MCSS? I dont like them but they have the best price on what im buying
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