Chain and wheel alignment


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2013 fz6r Trying to adjust the tension on the chain and have the wheel aligned properly. How many dash marks should be on the back side of the axle on each side. I know it's loosen axle nut and adjust smaller ones on rear but need some help so I don't screw anything else.
The number of dash marks doesn’t really matter. What’s important is achieving the proper CHAIN SLACK. On the FZ6R, the factory spec Is 45-55mm (or 1.77-2.17in).
If you’re unsure of how to measure it properly, just check YouTube. It’s not hard but it’s important that it’s correct!

Of course, once the proper slack is set, you need to have an even number of dash marks to ensure proper wheel alignment. It’s a bit of a balancing act; you might get the wheel aligned but the slack is wrong. Then you get the slack right but the alignment is a bit off. It’s kind of a pain in the butt but be patient and you’ll get it dialed in.

Then tighten the jam nuts on the chain tensioners (11 ft-lbs is the spec). Finally, torque the axle nut to 65 ft-lbs or 90Nm.

Too little chain slack (too tight) is very hard on your bike. Too much slack (too loose) is very dangerous for you and your bike.

I should add that you can’t gauge your chain slack by the number of alignment marks. How many marks are showing will vary with chain and sprocket wear. That’s why manually measuring it is critical.