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Ok im starting a fresh thread to make this easier...
This is my current mod list.. the starred items are completed.

*** Means its completed and im selling the associated stock parts.

Otherwise it means im looking for those parts!

-Xentec H4 HID High/Low Kit
-RGB Chassis Glow Kit
*** Proton Flush Side Turn Signals
*** DMP Integrated Brake Light

-Healtech Gipro Gear Indicator

-Pearl White Rear Seat Cowl
-RT Lowered Kickstand
-PUIG Windscreen Matte Black
-Custom Rear View Mirrors
-PUIG CF Rear Tire Hugger
-CF Brake Reservoir Cap
*** Carbon Fiber Fuel Door Trim
***Stomp Grip Side Tank Pads, Black
*** DMP Rear Fender Delete
*** Clutch Lever- Shorty, Black/Red
*** Brake Lever- Shorty, Black/Red
*** White FZ6R Handgrips
*** Carbon Fiber Tank Protector
*** OES No Cut Frame Sliders
*** RT 1.75" Lowering Link
*** Front Tripple Tree 1" Lowering
*** Rear Footpeg Delete
*** Rear Handgrip Delete

*** TBR M2 VALE Full Exhaust
*** Juicebox Programmer

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Picked up a two bros m2 VALE exhaust and a juice box. Thatll be fun.

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if you want to spend some cash, rizoma makes some nice parts for the xj6 which will fit our bike too. I've got mirrors from them and spent a pretty penny on the set with adapters but I like the minimalist look. If you want an impression for the rearsets, you can look at valter moto rearsets from pjsparts. Someone on the forum threw them on a few years ago and they look good and reduce a lot of weight from our stock sets.


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Haha no i sent my downpayment a while ago. I kinda figured it was best. I was gonna drop in an hid kit for the time being but Im just gonna do it all at once

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