3 week outside stirage advice


Hello everyone.

I know there's a lot of info on this subject but I didn't find anything specific to my exact situation and I want to be safe rather than sorry.

So December 1st I'm going away until December 20th. I have to leave my bike outside in New York weather during this time. I have an fz6r specific cover with fleece lining that's 100% waterproof and another new cheap cover that I sprayed with waterproofing.

At present I don't have a battery tender or any wheel stands or Jack's. I do have that roller thingy for when I clean the chain.

So I want to ask everyone if I need to worry about a battery tender for the 3 weeks I'm gone. Also is it OK to leave it without a wheel stand ? I read about flat spots on the tires but not sure if that's relevant for a 3 week time.

Lastly, should I put fuel stabilizer in the tank along with a full tank of gas??

If I'm missing anything, please let me know. I don't mind buying wheel stands or a jack if needed and plan on it in future anyway but Xmas gifts and this vacation has took its toll on my back account already!

If I do get a jack, where would I even put it? I have a black widow full system exhaust with the low 10" muffler sticking out on underneath to the side. Not sure if there is any place under the bike that's strong enough without the original cat exhaust. And I don't have a garage to hang it from anywhere to help.

Thanks in advance to anyone offering advice or opinions.

Happy holidays!!

Don't worry about stands. Just make sure the tires are aired up properly. My bike sits in the garage for a few months (not on stands) in the winter and I've never had flat-spot issues.

Since you don't have a battert tender, I'd suggest you take the battery out of the bike and store it inside where it can stay warm.

Also, don't use a jack on the bike, just stands