2014 FZ6R with R6 Front End Conversion


HI everyone,

Seeing as the last R6 front end conversion thread is dead for like 7 years, and no proof or finalization of the finished product, other that some photoshop images that the guy posted, I have decided to do an R6 conversion myself. Also his conversion was on a naked XJ6 essentially, while I intended to do it on a completely full fairing 2014 FZ6R. I did like however, that he listed all the items on his first post, and I will do the same.

The other guy, did an ok job with years, makes and model info. But, I am going to get more in depth on the technical side with dimensions and measurements.
Not only that, but I will be filming the process on my YouTube channel.

The first question you are going to ask is why. Answer: I crashed my FZ6R and bent both front forks and it is something I have been contemplating for a while. Also I am looking for more adjustments in the front end with better braking.

But either way you can expect finalization from my end, either good or bad. Hopefully successful !

Thanks and stay tuned.

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Time Line

September 19, 2020 - Purchased partially damaged front end from 2005 R6 Raven including front wheel, rotors, calipers, inverted forks and triple trees. Fitment check seems ok except for the steering stem being about 10mm shorter thru the FZ6R steering head. Decided to go with it, we will try to make up for the 10mm somehow.
September 28, 2020 - Ordered the proper R6 top bearing conversion kit from All Balls Racing. This kit fits all years of R6 (2000-2018) according to their website.
October 1, 2020 - Ordered used 2005 R6 bottom triple tree from Ebay, as the one I had was damaged. This one looks in super good condition.
October 6, 2020 - Waiting on the top bearing kit and lower triple to arrive from the USA.
October 6, 2020 - Reached out to machine shop about a custom top triple tree to make up for the 10mm shorter stem.
October 11, 2020 - Top bearing kit and lower triple tree with stem has arrived from the USA.
October 19, 2020 - Starting weight and dimension measurements between the FZ6R and R6 components
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Parts - 1st Attempt
Steering Stem - 2005 R6
Triple Trees - Top & Bottom 2005 R6
Inverted Forks - 2005 R6
Front Calipers - 2005 R6
Front Wheel - 2005 R6
Front Rotors - 2005 R6

Steering Head Bearings
Top (2005 R6) Conversion Kit = 30-47-12 (99-3540-5)
Bottom - Same as stock FZ6R - No Change Required
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I have been updating this fork and dimensions database as well for the FZ6R and 2005 R6 -- https://litetek.co/Guide_USD_ForkDatabase.html
Owner is a bit slow updating the info, so be patient.

Steering Head Bearings - Part numbers from https://www.allballsracing.com/forkconversion/

Top (2014 FZ6R) = 25-47-15 (99-3518-5)
Bottom (2014 FZ6R) = 30-55-17 (99-3519-5)

Top (2005 R6) Conversion Kit = 30-47-12 (99-3540-5)
Bottom (2005 R6) = 30-55-17 (99-3519-5) SAME AS STOCK FZ6R

Steering Stem
2014 FZ6R - Full Length = 265mm
2005 R6 - Full Length = 255mm

Fork Diameter Thru the Triples

2014 FZ6R - 41mm top and bottom
2005 R6 - 50mm top, approx. 52mm bottom

Fork Length - Center of axle to top of fork tube, not including fork caps
2014 FZ6R - 755mm
2005 R6 - 745mm
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Weight Reduction Table

Item2014 FZ6R2005 R6
Front Axle Bolt1 lb1 lb
Front Brake Caliper (each)Pending2.2 lbs
Front RotorPendingPending
Front WheelPendingPending
Front Fork (each)7.8 lbs (with oil)7.4 lbs (without oil)
Bottom Triple Tree, steering stem, with bearings and all hardware5.8 lbs2.4 lbs
Top Triple Tree with ignition4.0 lbs (includes riser clamps)2.2 lbs
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Episode 1 - The Complete Front end Tear Down

R6 Conversion Teaser Trailer

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