2009 Yamaha FZ6R No pressure in clutch. PLEASE HELP ME.

I replaced all the plates in the clutch a week ago (soaked for over a week in oil). Everything seemed alight until I could not get the wire circlip back on. I found in another forum people stating that it is not needing (cool I thought). Torqued to correct spec and rotated as I did it (little on each one crossing over(. I then oiled it back up (according to manual) and the clutch lever is soft and has no pressure to it. The adjusted on the lever has no effect. Clearly I missed something. Anyone have some suggestions I would love them as I am taking Sunday off to try and sort this out, or I will be having to get it towed to a shop. I really need to be out riding to help kept me sane.

I used motorcycle oil per the bike 10W.

The clutch cable is free and clear of any obstruction.

Thank you.