2009 FZ6R wont start after theft attempt


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Hey all!

Last week my 09 FZ6R was stolen from in front of my apartment and moved a couple blocks. The police found it with the ignition wires cut in an attempt to hotwire it, and had me come pick it up.

While I was walking the bike back to my apartment one of the exposed ignition wires touched the frame and I heard a loud POP. The bike would no longer turn on even with the ignition wires reconnected. I located and replaced a blown 30amp fuse. The bike turns on electrically with a key but will not start (or recognize that the bike is in Neutral on the instrument cluster).

The instrument cluster is not showing any fault codes, but i'm wondering if the bike shorting out has damaged the ECU or any other part of the ignition system. Any ideas for what I should try next?

New to this forum (hi) but been riding an FZ6R for the past three years. Unfortunately, all of those three years are in Manhattan which is the worst place to park a bike. Jealous of all of you who get to work on and park their bikes in the safety of a garage. Appreciate any help I can get.