2009 FZ6R Street Fighter Conversion


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Project completed.


Pictures available in the gallery:

All 2009 XJ6 Plastics
Belly Pan didn't fit correctly with the 2BR Exhaust, so it was trimmed to fit.
FZ8 Headlight
Original XJ6 Mirrors - If you do not have the stock brake perch, a Yamaha threaded right side 7/8" clamp is required.

Two Brothers M2 Vale Black Series Exhaust
P1X Silencer
Driven Engine Block Off Plates

Accossato 19x18 Front Master Cylinder (with integrated reservoir and folding lever)
Accossato Folding Clutch Lever
Galfer Steel Braided Lines
Single Banjo Brake Pressure Switch

MotoDynamics Rear Integrated Taillight
Competition Werkes 23W Short Turn Signals (Same Front and Rear)
Targa Turn Signal Yamaha Adapters for front
Competition Werkes Fender Eliminator

Driven 520 +1 Lightened Front Sprocket (Front +1 is like having overdrive.)
Driven 520 Stock Lightened Rear Sprocket

Power Commander V

Scorpio I900R Alarm
Roadlok Integrated Front Disc Lock

Racetech Front Gold Valves
Racetech Front Springs .90kg
Racetech Rear Gold Valve
(Stock Rear Spring)

FZ1 Handlebar
PUIG Frame Sliders
T-Rex Rear Spool Adapters

Work was all done by a local shop. XJ6 Conversion Parts were supplied by MOTOMATAKOS (Greece)
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GAWDDD That is smexy. I want to do it now knowing its possible in the US! :america::p
W00t another person completed the conversion.
Just wanted to also mention, the shop that did the work noted that the side fairings for the head light did not fit the FZ6R stock headlight.

I had recalled seeing a thread that said that the FZ8 headlight was the same part ([thread]26502[/thread])

I had the shop check to see if an FZ8 headlight would fit and they confirmed that it does fit.

I ordered the FZ8 headlight from a US dealer. It's probably worth mentioning that since the headlight is the same, you could probably order the side fairings for the FZ8 headlight from a US dealer.

I am not sure if the mounting bracket is the same between the XJ6N and FZ8, so it is possible that you would still need the right mounting bracket for the XJ6N.
I wondered about that since the headlight is slightly different between the 6R and the XJ. I'm currently trying to order the headlight fairing pieces but haven't heard back from Motomatakos yet. This is very helpful info. Thanks for providing that.
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Very well done with the $$$ spend all in the right spot! I couldn't have done it any better...

Only thing that doesn't fit the bike are the pegs. Look into getting a FZ09 complete set instead. FZ09 mirrors look a bit more aggressive too but don't get me wrong... you have once of the nicest 6R I've seen in a very long time.

I appreciate the kind words!

I'll actually look into the FZ09 mirrors. The XJ6N mirrors are terrible. It could be the position on the handle bars since I'm using Accossato brakes, I had to use after market mounts for the mirrors.

I'll also look into the pegs, I had some eBay pegs that I provided to the shop, but they didn't fit on the bike, so I did intend on replacing them but the parts didn't end up on the bike. :)
i dont like naked very much but you certainly did do a great job. really it looks very similar to an fz09 now dont you think?
i dont like naked very much but you certainly did do a great job. really it looks very similar to an fz09 now dont you think?
I think so. I was considering having a headlight done by AHR, and debating whether to try and fit the FZ09 headlight to the bike instead of the FZ8 headlight.
Speaking of headlights, I got a chance to see an FZ8 today. For anyone curious, the side plastics are different between the XJ6 and FZ8. Only the base lens is the same between the XJ6 and FZ8.

That means if you're doing the conversion, you need the side plastics from an XJ6, but you can order the headlight itself in the USA.
The plastics came from MOTOMATAKOS in Greece. Email them at [email protected]

They'll give you a catalog and you can select the parts you need.

The shipping was only $50-100 if I remember right.

I know it's been a bit, but I'm looking to do a 50\50 conversion. The previous owners to my bike weren't kind to the fairings and my most recent incident has left me needing to get new ones. I want to get another oem cowling and convert the side fairings to the naked style, do the xjn fairings fit the fz6r brackets our do you have to mount new ones?