'09 FZ6R TPS replacement

Hi all, just picked up this 2009 FZ6R with under 3k miles. I freaking love this little dragon! There's a check engine light and seller told me mechanic said (he gave me the mechanics report) it was a faulty TPS, currently doesn't affect riding because it only misreads 100% of throttle but eventually it will. Is this basically a plug and play job or should I shell out the cash for a certified tech to do it? I found this on Partzilla https://www.partzilla.com/product/yamaha/5SL-85885-00-00?gclid=CjwKCAiAhreNBhAYEiwAFGGKPOp9reZ7lYpzL54Wyylnn5YDmohY6h1geVc4qtXPjuWz6NwYiFbF9BoCIKAQAvD_BwE.



Shouldn't be hard to do it yourself , just check it isn't loose before you shell out for a new one.
The tps readings can be checked in diagnostic mode.

Fred L.

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In Australia we got a "recall" to have the Dealer replace all the (year range) FZ6 TPI - It was VERY necessary if you were doing any big trip away from home. Mine failed (became extremely intermittent) 2000km from home, and whilst the machine would run, it was the worst long ride I ever did. Change was simple enough - as long as you marked everything to replace in exactly the same timing.