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    Black Widow Exhaust

    Has anyone tried this company's exhaust for our bike? I just want to know if it sounds good or not. There's only one video on youtube that shows it off, kinda seem sketchy to me for buying it.
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    Anyone know how to embed YouTube/pictures into a posting?

    Does anyone know how to embed YouTube videos or pictures into a thread on this forum? I've literally spent hours trying/searching for the answer and came up blank. The typical [IMG] ([ /IMG]) and [youtube] ([ /youtube] don't work. I will give many thanks for any help!
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    Video of Oxford Heated Grips Install on My 2009 FZ6R (youtube)

    Picked these up at the International Motorcycle Supershow in Toronto, ON today. If you're in the area, get in there! Here's the YouTube link.
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    Hey From Turkey - XJ6N

    Hey All , I would like to share my YouTube channel. Hope you enjoy :) Ride Safe
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    Stock exhaust mod

    Hye there, Im new here, and thanks, i just wondering, how to mod stock exhaust? i saw some at youtube, but didnt show how to do it? . thanks
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    Youtube/video Accounts

    Mods, if this already exists please delete this thread. Sorry I looked but came up with no results. *edit after JSP's post - could this become a sticky maybe so they dont keep getting recreated? I watch some youtube on my phone, but prefer to watch it on my xbox attached to the large screen...