1. J

    Looking for a touring windscreen

    I am currently looking for a touring windscreen. What options do you recommend? Also does anyone have one for sale? I know plenty of places to get new ones but I'd rather buy from a fellow rider.
  2. W

    Zero Gravity Double Bubble vs. Puig Racing Windscreen

    I am looking to buy a new windscreen because stock is just not cutting it. I am 6'1 and I am looking for a windscreen to cut out some if not all of the buffeting that i am feeling when i ride. I do not want the touring windscreen because i feel it is too tall. Any opinions on the Puig Racing...
  3. S

    Got OEM windscreen and gear.

    Closed due to inability to follow the rules. You may repost when you decide to do so.
  4. E

    Touring windscreen question

    For those of you who have the touring windscreen - i am 5'6" and i want more wind protection for the winter, but i dont want to be looking through the windsceen when i ride...i cant tell from the pics online. the touring windscreen so tall that shorter riders might end up looking through it...
  5. SampsonNation

    Puig Sport Windscreen - $40 Shipped

  6. D

    FS: Stock FZ6r Windscreen & Tint windscreen

    Looking to sell my stock FZ6R clear windscreen in great condition. I also have the tinted model of the same windscreen. $50 for both shipped, $35 each shipped CONUS.
  7. C

    FS: 2009 Yamaha FZ6R 3K-Miles in DC-Area

    NOTE: Will update with photos tonight... Selling my 2009 Yamaha FZ6R (Black) with a little over 3,000 miles. Bike has never been laid down, wrecked, dropped, etc. Asking $4300 obo. Interested parties send message and I'll respond ASAP. Live in the DC area / Maryland side. Basically stock...
  8. S

    Plasti-dip windscreen?!

    hey everyone i was thinking about using the black plasti-dip spray to paint my windscreen instead of spending 120+ bucks for no reason. my buddy just did it but all i have seen is pictures. i am planning on just painting the inside of it so that the outside still has the nice glossy finished...
  9. H

    WTB: Stock Windscreen that fits 2012

    Hey everyone, looking to buy a stock windscreen to fit my 2012, I painted mine a while back and want to go a different direction with the color. If you've got one that you are willing to sell, let me know what you would charge for the item and to ship it to 52404 (no need to do rush delivery or...
  10. S

    Powder Coated Rims and short wind screen

    Here is a look at what my 2013 FZ6R looks like as of now. I just had my rims powder coated to match my red frame and also cut my stock windscreen and then wrapped it with a carbon fiber wrap. I have a custom 2bros full exhaust, shogun frame sliders, zx6r mirrors, smoked flush mount turn...
  11. IMAG0330-1


    Seat Cowl OEM Puig dark smoke racing screen ZX-10r 08' mirrors w/ T/S smoked flush T/S Sportiva 6000k HID Driven hand grips spiked windscreen bolts Shogun No-Cut sliders MotoDynamic integrated T/S tail light Custom FE red anodized K&N air filter TwoBros JuiceBox pro w/ Marthy Maps...
  12. Broke Leg Falls - post tornado

    Broke Leg Falls - post tornado

  13. Geared up ready for a day of riding

    Geared up ready for a day of riding

    First 5,000 miles
  14. S

    For Sale

    I need to part with these items in a timely manner and I am currently on a strict budget. Black Cortech Tourmaster 16L Sport Tail Bag - $70 Excellent condition. Never used it personally, but previous owner had it on the bike for a few hundred miles. Yamaha FZ6R Clear Windscreen - $25...
  15. B

    Bobski's windscreen comparisons

    I've found the most useful windscreen information has been from a rider who has personally tried several and can provide direct comparisons. I've now used the original screen, the Yamaha Double Bubble, and Puig Touring so here are my summary thoughts. Hope this is helpful for riders seeking...
  16. another view of the exhaust

    another view of the exhaust

    My bike
  17. my exhaust made from a set of ZX10 cans

    my exhaust made from a set of ZX10 cans

    My bike
  18. front turn when its on

    front turn when its on

    LED strips
  19. front view

    front view

    turn signals under the scoops