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    2013 Fz6r streetfighter

    Hey i was looking but couldnt find a tut on how to conver a fz6r into a streetfighter fz6r, anyone know of a good tutorial or video for this? i know its pretty self explanatory just remove the plastics a remount the headlight/speedo. I guess all i need to know is wht brackets i should use.
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    HID Xenon conversion question

    Intsalled a new xenon light for the fz6r, but i noticed the bulb had a metal covering half the bulb, do i remove this? Let me know thanks in advance
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    Has anyone had their exhaust ceramic coated?

    My original exhaust looks like total orange corroded ***, and I have no interest in polishing it. Has anyone got their headers and/or muffler ceramic coated? Are you happy with the results? How much did you pay? Did you remove the exhaust yourself and bring it in? I'm lazy and would...
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    Front Headlight Fairing Removal?

    hello, I wanted to get my fairings painted so i removed all the side fairings. But i am not sure how to remove the front headlight fairing that is attached to the windshield. When i look inside, i seem so many different bolts in all angles. Does anyone have any pic or write up of how to...
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    FZ6 Cam Install Project

    Hey guys and gals as some of you may know I just recently did the FZ6 cam mod. I wanted to put together a little thread that chronicled the major steps I had to take along with a few little mods I did during the process. This isn't a true DIY which is why I am putting it in the mods section. If...
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    Need black decal, not red

    This post has been deleted.
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    How to remove plastic from tank??

    Hi! First post! I just bought a crashed FZ6R. I have all the parts, it just needs paint now. How do I remove the plastic on the side of the tank?? Thank you!