1. O

    Need Help Recommendations for bike accessories and security, etc.

    I'm a new rider with a 2012 FZ6R. Learning from zero on everything about owning a motorcycle. Looking to see already proven products for the type of bike from experienced riders. Please post your recommendation links for all the extra accessories that fit your well and work well. ie. locks...
  2. B

    2009 FZ6R Naked Streetfighter, South Carolina

    Text or call for more questions and details 24,7XX asking $4,000 includes new helmets and tons of new never used gear. I'm having a baby so the bikes gotta go, I'm open to negotiations. Thanks 270-268-4984
  3. J

    Gear indicator ABS bike

    hello this is my first post and I have been pulling my hair out to night trying to get my gear indicator working on my xj6 abs as it seems the wire colours are different between abs and non abs I have the indicator powered up and I need to find the rpm and the speed sensor wires on a 2009 abs...
  4. F

    5th gear whistling

    I have a 2014 FZ6R and would like to know if anyone else hears a whistling sound when in 5th gear not 4th or 6th just 5th. I hear it whether I'm on the freeway or the side streets usually ride around 5000-6000 rpm range and maybe a little higher on the freeway but the whistling always happens in...
  5. L

    2nd gear isn't always engaging

    2nd gear isn't engaging all the time and staying in neutral . Then I have to wait for it to slow down. Any ideas?
  6. V

    bike wont start in gear

    hi guys i recently lowered my bike and now it wont start in gear it starts in nuetral but not in first which would be annoying if i ever stall i just have no idea where to start looking im not as mechanically inclined on bikes
  7. L

    losing power in low gear cruising

    having an issue here not sure whats going on - when in low gear 1st/2nd city type traffic cruising when on light throttle the bike seems to be struggling like its not getting fuel or something- kinda pulsey/choking. other than that it rides as it should just that low throttle cruise it seems...
  8. T

    Help, Is this transmission issue?

    I recently purchase 2012 FZ6R with only 650 miles on it. Driven it home on the highway and elsewhere perfectly fine. The last weekend, I did 2 things. 1) I did an oil change (Mobile 1 4T Fully synthetic & K&N Filter). 2) Installed a GiPro X healtec gear indicator. Now when I try to...
  9. C

    always wear gear

    motorcyclist dragged under truck yikes! VIDEO: Motorcyclist dragged under truck on 91 Freeway rescued |
  10. M

    Losing power at high rpms

    Some of you might have figured out I'M BACK ON THE ROAD!! :D I did a street fighter, didn't like it, and just converted my bike back to stock Raven body. Now I'm having an issue... I haven't ridden much since doctor cleared my arms for use, but twice I've gone WOT in second gear up through...
  11. S

    Healtech Gipro X-type Gear Indicator

    Anybody looking at getting a gear indicator should check out the Healtech. Very easy to install, couple minutes and programming is easy. It's auto learning so it is pretty simple. I've found it to be very quick and accurate. It shows the gear up or down immediately after letting the clutch back...
  12. MattEnTheHat

    Clunking Noise While Starting Out in 1st Gear?

    Hey all, I've noticed a funny noise recently when I'm just starting out in first gear on my bike. The sound is a sort of 'clunk' a little bit like the noise it makes when you're sitting in neutral and shift down to first. It happens as I'm just starting out in first gear, getting off the...
  13. B

    ADV Bikers

    It's not really a useful thread, nor is it about the 6r. Still... I was off today and had to run some errands. As as I was going through the center of my town a couple of guys on ADV bikes, in full rain gear, with the hard side bags and gear piled high went through town. I've no idea where...
  14. F

    Shifting Issues

    Does anyone else have this problem, when I'm shifting from 2nd to 3rd sometimes it doesn't want to, generally when I need to get out of the way. Dam near broke my foot trying to pull up on the shift lever, felt like it went up but the gear never engaged had to down shift and keep upshifting to...
  15. J

    Recommended Gear For Motorcycle

    I was searching around and find that few of the biker's love to wear jackets, few recommended motorcycle suits. What kind of gear you prefer to wear for the high level of safety.
  16. D

    Bike Dies when Put in Gear

    Thought with a new problem, I should start a new/cleaned up thread. If mods could delete old one id appreciate it. Long story short, my bike lost all electric all of a sudden when driving and shut off. After checking bike over I found a couple blown fuses and the fact that my seat had rubbed...
  17. J

    Shifting from 1st to 2nd at high rpms

    My FZ6R shifts through gears pretty smoothly. But, when I'm trying to come quick off the line and rev up the rpm's (like racing) above 8,000 in first gear it pops into neutral instead of into second gear when shifting up... I'm just sitting there in neutral winding out rpms. Embarrassing. I...
  18. T

    XJ6 Gear shift pedal

    Hi all, Does anyone know where I can buy a gear shift pedal from for a 2010 XJ6? I recently dropped my bike and bent the shift pedal about 90 degrees rendering it total useless. The only one I can find that I think would fit is on Ebay but it looks like its been through a war Yamaha XJ6S...
  19. L

    Our bike made the chive

    This anyone here? Least he was in gear. Sorry attachment is huge and don't know why.
  20. F

    Finally!!!! Got all my gear now!

    So yesterday finally made the trip to cyclegear and got the rest of the gear i needed, pants, and boots, they were on sale for a killer deal, boots were $59.99 marked down from $120.00 and pants were $69.99 marked down from $110.00, the pants are super comfy!!! boots are what shocked me, because...