1. L

    Important Wanted: Fz6r 2013 cowl. Prefer white but any colour will do.

    Please contact me if you have one. Thanks.
  2. X

    What map should I run with a Delkevic System??

    So I just installed my Delkevic full system and I'm wondering what map would be best to use, my only mod is the full system, the intake and air filter are stock
  3. C

    Idle keeps jumping

    Hey guys, I recently made an exhaust for my 2009 FZ6R and and the issue that I’m having is that at low rpms the idle keeps jumping sometimes it goes so low that it turns my bike off. Sometimes I can’t even turn my bike on because of this. I’ll leave a vido here so you guys can see what is going...
  4. D

    Trying to go keyless

    Seems like the other night someone tried to start my bike with a screwdriver and wrecked my ignition pretty good. So I'm trying to see if anyone here has any experience or any thoughts on going keyless, what are some systems that you like or how did you do it. I have an s v6 are 2009 and...
  5. C

    For Sale[CA]:2012 Yamaha FZ6R - Naked Street fighter

    asking $3000 - OBO Located in Central Valley/Fresno 16506 miles on engine Awesome Commuter Bike with Street-fighter/(Naked)Look Pros: Michelin Pilot 3's on front and back less than 1000 miles on them Newer AEM Stock-Sized Sprockets changed with tires Bar End Mirrors Added usb port from...
  6. R

    New member here’s my ride!

    Naked with no fairings how I got the bike. Patched/repaired and color matched fairings. Picked up a 2009 FZ6R on a steal of a trade, the bike has a little over 10k miles zero issues and runs fantastic this bike is a blast to ride! The bike came with a two brothers exhaust, K&N air filter...
  7. L

    Is ENGINE ICE for our coolant?

    Helloo folks, Recently low sided and punctured my radiator. Preparing to swap it out for a used one i got off of ebay. What coolant do you guys use or recommend? I did some research online for about an hour and decided to go with ENGINE ICE. I read the service manual and it recommends...
  8. L

    2015 Yamaha FZ6R Radiator Guard? Looking to buy one, what did you get?

    Hey guys/gals! I recently low sided and had my radiator punctured by a rock or something. Had a friend help me remove the broken one. Ordered another one off ebay, got lucky in finding a used one in okay condition. My question is does anyone here use a radiator guard and if so which one...
  9. fz6r w/ full exhuast

    fz6r w/ full exhuast

  10. A

    2013 6R 02 Header location help

    Hello 600CC! I have a 2013 Fz6r and am lookin to buy R6 headers of the 2002 year. (99-02) and then looking at a M4 slip on exhaust. I found a set of 02 headers for $38 and I feel like that is cheaper than I expected. http://m.ebay.com/itm/252929168780?_mwBanner=1 These are the headers, do...
  11. S

    HELP! - Issues with my 09

    Preface - 2nd owner of an 09 FZ6R, 13k miles, never any issues. I went to start it up last week and it idled incredibly rough and died a few times while warming up. I chalked it up to being cold. I rode down to the gym which is only about 2 miles away and noticed it was still rough. Again, must...
  12. O

    Need advice please!!!

    Hey everyone! A buddy and I had installed an aftermarket exhaust and a power commander on my 09 fz6r. We apparently had something wrong as we had gas coming out of the exhaust. I took it to a mechanic and he took care of the issue(we hooked it up slightly wrong), but to check the motor for...
  13. M

    Frame color on '17 FZ6R

    I searched but couldn't find the color of the frame paint for 2017 FZ6r. Does anyone know the exact color name and code? Thanks, Rich
  14. E

    FS: 2009 Yamaha FZ6R. Excellent condition. 2600~ miles. Clean title. [Austin,TX]

    Hello everyone. Its been a great time with this baby of mine. I'm looking to sell my Yamaha FZ6R. Wanting to move on with the girlfriend and get things pretty serious, being on this thing just makes her nervous beyond belief. So the time has come. Second owner of the bike. It has 2600~ miles...
  15. L

    FS: 2010 FZ6R - low miles, great condition, many extras (Winchester, VA)

    Asking: $4299 Up for sale is a 2010 Yamaha FZ6R. It has 8463 miles (and maybe a few more with some gentle rides until it is sold). I am the original owner. I have not ridden much in the last 2 years after wrist surgery, so have made the hard decision to sell. Loved this bike for commuting as...
  16. W

    Upstate SC and search feature

    Hello from upstate SC. new to FZ6R, but not motorcycles. wondering why when I use search feature (like all newbies to a forum should lol), I get the search results, but when I click the post I want to read it gives me a "not found" error page...both on my MACBOOK Air and my Windows computer...
  17. F

    Will 2005 R6 header fit 2009 FZ6R?

    Have chance to buy an R6 header from 2005 R6, is it any different from the 2003 headers that fit this bike?
  18. Bobholsopple

    fz6r mirrors or stock windscreen for xj6 stock or aftermarket tire huger

    looking to trade fz6r mirrors or stock windscreen for xj6 tire huger. (stock) located in pennsylvania
  19. F

    Aftermarket Exhaust Reviews?

    Recently I've been seeing more companies do full exhaust replacements for the fz6r, the cheapest one I've seen is Delkevic They even claim you don't need a PC after installation, but they recommend a dyno test. It seems any major exhaust swap should have a PC and dyno test to make sure you're...