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    Exhaust gasket question?

    For all of you that have done the r6 header mod. Did you reuse stock exhaust gaskets and bolts or get new ones?
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    Stripped Bolt Stuck in Clutch Casing Cover

    So I'm in love with the R&G engine sliders but the silly Brits sent me washers that won't fit and hex bolts with tiny socket holes. This lead to me stripping a few of the bolts. To their credit they sent me replacements but I ended up just buying my own with larger socket holes. Unfortunately...
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    Oil on Threads of Engine Bolts

    Was replacing some stripped bolts on the right side engine casing and noticed that there is oil on the threads. The oil is black and looks a bit gritty, more like grease than leaking engine oil. Is this normal or should I have the mechanic look at it? Has anyone who has installed the R&G engine...
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    Where do these bolts go?

    I have an 09 FZ6R. I replaced my spark plugs. I removed the seat, the gas tank, the air filter compartment and the radiator. I'm not sure where these bolts go.
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    Missing parts

    I recently traded my 2006 Honda Shadow spirit for the FZ6R. The issue with it is that it may have been dropped if it was it wasnt real bad. I have looked over the internet to find some missing things here and there like bolts holding the dash in. I have found other parts to replace the mirror...
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    FZ6 Cam Install Project

    Hey guys and gals as some of you may know I just recently did the FZ6 cam mod. I wanted to put together a little thread that chronicled the major steps I had to take along with a few little mods I did during the process. This isn't a true DIY which is why I am putting it in the mods section. If...
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    Givi Easylock Racks Installation Question - Fender Nuts Non-Removable

    So I got the 364FZ Top Case Monorack Sidearms for the FZ6R which says 2009-2014; I have the 2013 model. It has the a support bar/plate that is supposed to connect underneath the rear seat. You pull the four bolts that actually hold on the rear fender/light/plate assembly. The way the...
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    Fairing/Windshield Bolts

    I am interested in getting colored fairing and windshield bolts for my 2009 FZ6R. Does anyone know where I can get them? A link would be great!