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    Annoying vibration/buzzing sound

    My bike has recently developed this very annoying vibration/buzzing sound from idle up to about 4000 rpm. At 4K, it will abruptly cease. I’m pretty sure it’s just something loose and resonating at those lower RPMs but I have no idea what. It seems to be coming from the front fairing area...
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    Screwed Up My Front Brakes, Please Help

    Hi Everyone, So I did something really stupid yesterday. I had a new front tire mounted and when I went to reinstall the wheel (my first time doing this) I somehow managed to incorrectly install the left brake caliper. I put it on in such a way that both brake pads were pushed together and...
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    New Member, New Rider, New FZ6R

    A big hello to everyone here! Been lurking on here for a while and this seems to be a really friendly and supportive community, far better than some other bike forums I've checked out. So, it's my first year riding. Actually got my license about 6 years ago but never bought a bike. It was...