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    Heated Gloves - BATTERY POWERED

    Hi all, Fall is upon us and soon old man winter will follow which prompted me to start looking for BATTERY powered heated gloves online. I've been considering the following: GERBING S2 VENTURE EPIC MOBILE WARMING LTD & LTD MAX (coming soon) MOBILE WARMING SOFTSHELL Anyone have any...
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    service manual

    Does anyone have the service manual of the 6r? If so, where did you / can I buy it? Thanks in advance.
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    To the not-so-young riders

    Hi all, I've been lurking around this forum as I am seriously considering the FZ6r for my next bike. However, being a middle-aged, sort-of-newbie (1.5 years riding exp.) rider, I am leaving the door open for a Versys and much recently a Truimph Bonneville (although, some articles that I've...
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    new article from motorcycle usa

    I haven't read it or watched the video, but I figured post it anyway.
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    What the... another Ahole in NJ Rt208

    I was reading another thread about riding with a video cam, and I recently decided to start doing so, since my Drift HD170 was just gathering dust at home after only a weeks use when it was brand new a couple of months ago. The very first day I started again, this jerk happens to be on the...
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    Long-term review Cee Bailey and Marthy's

    Hi all, For those who switched to a Cee Bailey windscreen, can you provide your long-term review of it? Is is better or worse now that you've had a longer time using it? Would you change to something else, if so which one? I am thinking of getting it but, still debating. I am 5'10"...
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    do your handlbars touch the tank when...

    Hi all, this question is for those who adjusted their handlebars (pulled towards rider) for a lower position: Does the end of either handlebars touch the tank when the you make a slow enough turn? I looked at a used 6r for sale and I asked the owner if he adjusted it and he said no...
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    rear wheel stands-SPOOLS OR NO SPOOLS

    Hi dudes and dudettes, Can rear stands with spools be used on this bike? I did not notice a hole for them when I was at the dealer's last week. Thanks in advance.
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    Demo rides

    I've been searching online for Yamaha demo ride days before I "pull the trigger", but nothing near me. But I did find Kawasaki demo ride days in NY (Deer Park, Long Island) and I signed up for it to see how the ninja 650 and the versys are. Now, I've read a couple of shootouts, and the FZ6R...
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    Test ride before purchase

    Hi all, In case this subject has been previously discussed, I apologize... Just curious about how common or uncommon is it to buy this bike without test riding it? I live in Northern NJ and I checked North, West, South Jersey dealers and they DO NOT allow test rides! I kinda knew that...
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    I am in love with the fz6r, but...

    Hi all, I am relatively new in this forum and I have been gathering as much info as I can about this beautiful bike before I buy it. I was also considering a ninja 650, but I became convinced that the fz6r was the sportsbike for me. As my title says there is a BUT... yesterday a friend and...
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    black or white for 2012

    Hello all, I am new to this forum and I joined because I am itching to buy an fz6r after comparing it with the versys and the ninja 650. Anyway, in my research one of the articles that I've read was to appeal to the female motorcyclists, Yamaha made the white model. I am male, 52 yrs old...
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    Modular helmet for eyeglasses-wearing rider

    Hello all :D, I just joined this forum so I can get as much info from owners as I can before I buy my 2012 FZ6R. I currently have a 2011 Suzuki tu250x and I am dying to upgrade but I have to be educated first on this bike. So far I am very impressed, reviews are very favorable :thumbup...