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  1. mjv21

    Black Solo Seat Cowl

    Does anyone have one?
  2. mjv21

    R6 Calipers

    Hey Guys, Would an older R6 Caliper fit our bikes? I was talking to my local shop about swapping the master cylinder and the lines and he said by far the week point was the Calipers. He suggested that a late 90's- mid 2000's caliper set off an R6 would bolt up to the bike pretty nicely and...
  3. mjv21

    R6 Throttle tube

    Hey Guys, Has anyone done this? Is it even possible? I ordered an 06 R6 throttle tube because in theory it should mean less wrist to get to max throttle. WIll it fit?
  4. mjv21

    Passenger Seat Stuck

    Hey Guys, I had to buy a new set of allan/hex keys when I was visiting my parents and because I had no other place to put it, it put it inside the passenger seat along with the toolkit. Stupid decision. I went to take it out when I got home only to realize that the seat latch is now stuck...