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    Issue with starting

    10 years old? There's your problem right there. Get a new one and your problem will be over. I personally don't let a battery to longer than 5 yrs, it's just not worth having to push the bike home and dropping the clutch to get it started is rough on the motor.
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    Tall person seriously thinking about purchasing FZ6R.

    I think you'll feel just fine on it.
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    PCV Maps

    I don't believe the R6 maps would work well in the 6R, it's a different torque setup. It's also 20 hp less than the R6 motor. If what I've been reading is correct, the R stands for Reduced. They shifted the torque curve to the bottom end as opposed to closer to the high end on the R6. I had an...
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    Chain maintenance

    Yeah I believe 5 yrs is the max for tires bike or cars. The rubber starts to harden and lose its grip.
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    What years does the FZ6R cover?

    I'm in Berthoud, not far from you.
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    What years does the FZ6R cover?

    Thanks Jim, I appreciate it
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    What years does the FZ6R cover?

    Hi everyone, my name is Tucci and I'm new to this forum. I'm curious what years does the FZ6R cover or are they still making them? I appreciate the responses and look forward to future dialogs with everyone.....cheers
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    Chain maintenance

    I used to use karosene (o-ring safe by the way)and a stiff brush on my R6, FZ6 and FZ1. I would have a piece of plastic sheet shaped so it would fit between the chain and anything that might get any solvent on. With the rear wheel lifted I would take a stiff 2" brush and work the chain in...
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    FOR SALE: 2017 FZ6r

    Wow that's a sweet ride. I was looking at one just the other day at a dealership and fell in love with it. I'm in Colorado or I'd be trying to figure out a way to make this beauty mine.