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    New member looking for FJR info

    I have had 4 FJRs and they're great bikes. A little smaller than the Concours 14, but a little easier to handle. Really smooth powerplant, great handling bikes, not quite as fast as the Concours, and incredibly reliable, and lots of aftermarket stuff available for them.
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    Thanks for that.
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    Is everyone asleep?
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    What is the top speed and 1/4 mile times for our beloved FZ6R/
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    Custom Block Off Plates

    I'm a relative newbie on here, and I hate to sound stupid, but what are they for? By the way, they look great!
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    Helmet camera

    With all the crazy drivers out there, I'm thinking I want a helmet cam to record any problems that might come up. Would really like something compact that doesn't look like a periscope on a submarine. Suggestions from this learned crowd?
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    Rox 1"up/1"back Risers - Yes, you can use stock lines and cables

    Man, thanks a lot. Pictures were very helpful.