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    Transmission issue

    Thanks for the reply, I brought it to a friend that works at a bike shop and he said that it’s normal. Bikes have a non synchronous transmission so the forks to engage the transmission don't rotate while the gears are always rotating. He said that using a synthetic oil is too slippery and makes...
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    Transmission issue

    Every once in a while, while I’m sitting at a stop, I can’t shift from neutral to first. The lever just bounces back and stays in neutral. Has anyone else has this problem? I also noticed that it always does the same thing when the bike is off. I only seem to have the issue when sitting in...
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    PCV Maps

    You could try the official Two Brothers map for it otherwise I know A LOT of people use Marthy’s RevmapA and RevmapB. He has those tunes set up around a modified exhaust (cutting the pipe at the cats and welding a can on). Otherwise I know BlackWidow sells full systems for around $500 and they...
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    Chain length?

    Hello, I’m looking at swapping my sprockets and doing a -1/+2 change. If I were to do this, what chain length would I now need?
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    Clip-on question?

    So I was recently looking into getting the woodcraft 1.5 clipons for my bike. I was talking to a friend on mine (at home motorcycle mechanic) and he said that lowing the front end leads to handling issues since the bike would then be lower in just the front. He told me that if I wanted to put...
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    FZ6R rear grab rails

    Thanks for the heads up... I didn’t even think to check OEM suppliers. I was more concerned with if the earlier model would fit a later model as it wraps around the back seat rather than stopping at the end. I wasn’t sure if the rear seat changed size at all or anything like that
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    FZ6R rear grab rails

    No, I haven’t been able to find anything to fill those gaps. I also haven’t found any answers about the older model rail
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    2009 FZ6R; Left rear view mirror

    A lot of people put the zx6r mirrors on. They fit perfectly and look a lot better. I’ve had then for about 2 years now and never had any issues
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    FZ6R exhaust

    So I’ve been looking at getting the TB full system for my bike but at the moment I don’t have a PC. Would I be okay running the bike without the PC for a while until I can get one or should I just wait? I would love to get the exhaust but I don’t feel like spending $1000 for it to not even for...
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    FZ6R rear grab rails

    Does anyone know if there are plugs or plates that cover the places that the grab rails are in? I took the rail off but now there are holes there. Also, do anyone know if the grab rails from the earlier model FZ6R fit the later models?
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    Undertail exhaust?

    Has anyone here tried an undertail exhaust? I know it’s not sold but could it be manufactured?
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    Mod Suggestions

    Did you go with the full exhaust system or just a slip on? I’ve currently got a Leo Vince Underbody Evo II slip on and I think it sounds great but I wish it was louder. Just don’t have $600 for a full system and another $300 for a power commander
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    Mod Suggestions

    Hey all, I recently picked up a 2014 FZ6R is Rapid Red. I’m looking for suggestions on mods to do to it. I’m looking for more appearance and sounds mods than anything but all is welcome. So far it’s got: shorty CRG levers, led flush front signals, a fender eliminatior with integrated sequential...