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    Looking for an upgrade? 2014 Z1000ABS

    Sooo the 2014 Z1000ABS is out... it only comes with abs and they did alot with this bike i really wish i had waited a year to buy mine=( sooo if anyone is looking for a good upgrade from a fz6r... pretty good choice imo!!! changes from 2013 2014 Z1000 ABS Sport - another good...
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    Help me now calling all members!!!

    so this crazy chick (my friends hot gf) keeps bothering everyone on facebook (includeing me) about making her kid win this contest.... do me a favor and vote for this kid all you have to do is like the picture here...
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    Goodbye FZ6R hello Z1000

    soo ya sold the FZ6R today and bought a Z1000 im soo happy with it you have no idea!!! Goodbye 2009 FZ6R Hello 2012 Z1000 I loved my FZ6R but this bike is just a all around work of art upgrade.
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    DOTA 2 Players

    not sure if anyone on here plays dota 2 but if you have a steam account you most likely got gifted a free copy of dota 2 which is a sequel to an old warcraft 3 map anyways ive been playing alot and if anyone else on here wants to play hit me up and ill give you my steam info
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    Just stop'n by to say hi!!!

    hows it going guys i miss ya haha!!! ive been away from the site for a bit mostly because of life i got a new job where i cant slack as much and i bought a house a few months back soo life has been a bit interesting. Wanted to say i miss the forum and i might try to be on a bit more if i can...
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    Forced Induction Idea

    I'm posting this up here because i doubt i am even going to do it now but ya this was my scheme a wile back for a forced induction system on my fz6r keep in mind this is just a first look idea/option!!! Engine RPM x100 ------------- 10---- 20--- 30--- 40--- 50--- 60--- 70--- 80--- 90---...
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    Buying a new phone???

    I can only suggest to you that you buy the new Samsung galaxy s3 it is a freaking amazing phone so here's the story yesterday I woke up in the morning in my nephew wanted to go swimming so being the nice guy that I am I dove in the pool with them I was in there for about 10 to 15 minutes got out...
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    459 online... at one time!!!

    "Most users ever online was 459, Yesterday at 10:23 AM." Sweet!!! go us!!!:D
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    FOR Sale 4wheeler/Truck/PBGun/Laptop

    So im working on buying a house and i need cash bad to furnish it sooo Bla bla bla no external links i know.... so hear ya go if you go to craigslist and search the id number underneath each one of my items you will find the item listed TY hope someone buys something 2000 Honda 400EX (440)...
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    Redneck Wheelin

    So I went wheelin today haha Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I747 using Tapatalk 2
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    Wrecked... my wheeler

    first off sorry i have not been on soo much anymore... life is a busy game Soo lovely Sunday afternoon i decide to go wheeling up at my dad’s with my buddy kody. The Weapons: Me: Honda TRX450R National Porting Job Ti intake and exhaust valves -.5mm exhaust valve stems +1mm exhaust...
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    FZ6R V-Stacks (im thinking about group buy, How about you???)

    Ok sooo the recent Group Buy for the TBR pipe has shed light on this and I reopened the old email to the V-Stack company I was talking to about a month or two ago. and before you ask here is what V-Stacks are and do Velocity stack - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia STOCK STACKS: QUICK...
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    Theres a New Group in Town!!!! Lake Champlain Riders Lake Champlain Riders All riders within 100 miles of the Lake Champlain area are urged to join!!!! This would be mostly Eastern New York, Vermont, and Southern Quebec Trying to get more people around this area to ride with... Thank...
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    zuma...tbr pipe...bhahahaaaa!!!

    Two Brothers Racing :: Yamaha Zuma 125 Motorcycle Exhausts, Street Bike Parts, Aftermarket MX ATV Motorcycle Accessories, Exhaust Pipe, Race Exhaust Systems, Sport Bike Parts sorry i saw this and blew up laughing!!!! silly zuma +.4HP +.7ft-lbs :rof:
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    KSA Help?

    Anyone want to help me with my KSA's for a 15F fed Job at my hanger? I'm having a hard time with them... I hate KSA's 1. Skill in repairing, inspecting and overhauling aircraft electrical systems. 2. Ability to troubleshoot complex aircraft electrical malfunctions. 3. Skill in using...
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    How to rid yourself of that pesky tail gate'n motorcycle¡!¡!

    How to rid yourself of that pesky tail gate'n motorcycle¡!¡! Note: I would never do this!!!! So when a motorcyclist is tailgating you in your car just wait till a sharp corner, lock up your breaks and watch them lowside!!! How to avoid this as the motorcyclist: Don't be a tailgating...
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    KTM IS MAKING A SPORT BIKEEEEE:thumbup: sexyyyyy:D KTM 1190 RC8 R - Highlights
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    The Wave Game!!!

    Soooo i started this new game and i love it because it makes me laugh about almost getting hit!!!:thumbup: so heres out it works as your driving along and someone almost pulls out in front of you but stops quick before they do avoiding an accident or breaking heard for you.... you then wave...
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    He wants to be Ken Block!!!

    :rof: this video cracks me up!!! it might not make as much sense to you if you have not seen the Ken Block videos at the bottem but this guy is epic!!! Ken Block Parody - YouTube Some KB Videos already posted on the forum and some that are not: DC SHOES: KEN BLOCK GYMKHANA TWO...
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    Swing Arm Information Stickers pics

    I just covered most of mine up with a sticker sooo i took pictures for myself... just thought i would share them :rolleyes: and now!!! TADAAA:cool: