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  1. nesnfred

    Kawasaki Versys 650

    pics... I also trimmed the rear fender below the red reflector so it didn’t hit the paddock stand
  2. nesnfred

    Kawasaki Versys 650

    I traded my 2014 FZ6R for a 2017 new Versys 650. Go for the newer 650, I believe 2016 is the new gen...bigger body, it’s a little larger than the older ones. It’s a better all around bike, especially for longer rides. Get a Seat Concepts seat kit, I had one on my FZ6R too. I’m 6.3 and...
  3. nesnfred

    Annoying vibration/buzzing sound

    My FZ6R is a 2014 and has a buzzing sound every so often...I found it was my windscreen screws were not tightened down enough and every so often riding loosens them. They will strip easily so just snug them up a little and see if it goes away. My plastic piece like in the video has never been...
  4. nesnfred

    Puig Wind Visor

    Sorry, just seeing this...
  5. nesnfred

    When you're a 6'3" daddy long legs....

    What brand are the handlebar risers? Thank you!
  6. nesnfred

    Seat Concepts Company

    I installed mine today in case anyone searches and finds this thread. I ordered through for about $160, all carbon fiber. It is really nice, high quality. Make sure you follow all the directions. I used 20 gauge stapler from Harbor Freight 1/4 inch staplers shot at 60-80...
  7. nesnfred

    Puig Wind Visor

    I've got a 2014 FZ6R and the Puig Touring Windscreen but am interested in adding the Puig Visor...has anyone added this to their touring windscreen and if so, which size did you purchase? Thank you!