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  1. RevinKevinO

    Marthy's PCV Maps

    Howdy Y'all?! New guy here. I have been devouring all the forum and youtube information from HCU and Ride the 6. I can't thank you guys especially, Marthy for all the hours of research, testing, revamping, etc, but the fact that he shared the knowledge with the rest of the community is just...
  2. RevinKevinO

    Bicycle wreck has me a lot more cautious on my FZ6R

    Yep, I am riding again, It was just a reminder how much gravity has an effect on 215 lbs coming to a quick stop lol. Made me a little more aware of how complacency can hurt. Glad you are good from your accidents.
  3. RevinKevinO

    Bicycle wreck has me a lot more cautious on my FZ6R

    So my wife and I ride bikes around a lake near our house. One day I went alone and wanted to see how fast I could take a certain corner. I think if you look hard you can see where the knobby let loose and started the series of unfortunate events.. I slid a good ways till I high-sided over the...
  4. RevinKevinO

    How much did you pay for your FZ6R?

    $2950.00 I got super lucky on mine in December last year. It was a 2009, but had 4700 miles on it. The guy before me kept it in his game room next to his pool table so it was basically a piece of furniture for the last 11 year. Looked like it just came off the showroom floor.
  5. RevinKevinO

    FZ6R Riders Show us your baby!!

    Howdy Y'all? Thanks for the invite. I am a new rider, picked this gem up in December, been having a blast riding and moding her.