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  1. J

    WTS: Lots of accessories and gear. (windscreen, tail light, sliders, gear,...)

    Windscreen sold. Shoot me some offers on the rest!
  2. J

    WTS: Lots of accessories and gear. (windscreen, tail light, sliders, gear,...)

    Bump. Still a few things left. Windscreen was a great addition while I was riding!
  3. J

    WTS: Lots of accessories and gear. (windscreen, tail light, sliders, gear,...)

    List is all up to date. A few items remain.
  4. J

    WTS: Lots of accessories and gear. (windscreen, tail light, sliders, gear,...)

    It's just one. Pics are from front and back of it. I can see where it looks like 2 different ones though haha.
  5. J

    WTS: Lots of accessories and gear. (windscreen, tail light, sliders, gear,...)

    Hey guys, so I used to be very active on the old site when I first got my Fz6r. I headed up some group buys, got bike of the month, and really enjoyed my time with everyone. Then.... Kids happened. I still rode quite often but it eventually became less and less. So I just sold my bike sadly...
  6. J

    Oil cap o-ring?

    Yep mine leaks out of the fill plug. It's beyond hand tight too. And still dribbles out a little. Dealer was closed when I stopped by but I'll check back and let you know what they say.
  7. J

    Oil cap o-ring?

    Mine didn't leak at all last summer which is weird. I'm heading to a local shop and yamaha dealer tomorrow so I'll chat with them and see if they can help out.
  8. J

    Oil cap o-ring?

    So I have the proper amount of oil in my bike but it tends to drip out some here and there around the oil cap? Is there supposed to be an o-ring around the oil cap? If so does anyone have a part number or anything?
  9. J

    10% off motorcycle super store inside

    Here's a 10% off coupon code to motorcycle super store that expires 9/30/13 not sure if it can be used more than once but I don't need it so first come first serve. A953XV39120
  10. J

    Pirelli Angel Gt first review

    I'm having my angel gt's installed today and the shop called saying that it needed a lil over 3oz to balance out the rear?! He said he usually doesn't see that from a big name company and was a little disappointed there. Kinda sucks. Hopefully I like them when they are on anyway.
  11. J

    Puma vs Alpinestar

    Oh and a* run a little small. I wear an 11 in puma and a size 43 in a* which corresponds to a lot smaller than 11. Just a heads up. I'd go to a local shop and try on any a* boot just to get your size down before ordering.
  12. J

    Puma vs Alpinestar

    I just got the smx-2's haven't ridden too much with them yet but so far really like them. They are easy on off and definitely feel quite protective. They are starting to break in a little and be a little more comfortable.
  13. J

    Install Tail Tidy; License Plate

    You'll need nuts for the bolts that come one the bike. Our tail had them integrated into it. My ebay fender eliminator didn't have nuts with it so I had to get 4. I don't remember the size though.
  14. J

    Anybody going to Indy Moto-GP Next Weekend?

    I'll be there on race day!
  15. J

    Which pic do you like best?

    C for sure
  16. J

    What did you do to your bike today?

    Put on some r6s mirrors, eagle eyes in amber set up as running and turn signals in the fake air duct, rotated bar mount for forward mounting and rolled bars back, new spyder peak grips, and sintered front pads... Phew long afternoon!
  17. J

    New grips. Grip length?

    I installed the peak grips last year on stock bars with no problem? Maybe something new.
  18. J

    Rear fender Led Brake Light

    Looks great thanks for write up!
  19. J

    My bike and mods

    I used these. simple plug and play. All you gotta do is snip the wiring harness off your stock signals and attach them to your new rear signals the plug everything in and stash the wires under the rear seat.
  20. J

    My bike and mods

    There are quite a few threads and many differing opinions on lowering the front end. Most say if you lower the front you should lower the back too. And some say to only lower minimally like less than half an inch. Others have gone 2 1/2" and say it's just fine. I personally only lowered the...