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  1. alaskanflyboy

    How do you access the coolant temperature sensor and its wiring harness?

    Gotta streamline that wiring, my friend. Either run two wires with a quick connect to a pair of weatherproof buss bars or get a multipin connector. Check out or for connectors that would fit the bill. I'm not sure how your lights are set up so I don't know how complex the...
  2. alaskanflyboy

    How do you access the coolant temperature sensor and its wiring harness?

    I found it. I was wrong about the placement. I forgot how far the seat is back from the engine. You might be able to get to it just removing the right side fairing as there's a bit of room, but otherwise, it's right below the airbox. On my '09, it's a green connector and the probe is brass. I...
  3. alaskanflyboy

    How do you access the coolant temperature sensor and its wiring harness?

    I plan to do some maintenance on my bike tomorrow. I'll look at mine. Given that it appears to be on the back of the cylinder head, I expect it to be just under the rear edge of the tank between the black triangle pieces under the seat. I'll be pulling the seat to get at my battery anyway. I'll...
  4. alaskanflyboy

    How to make brakes more powerful/stronger?

    Take care using brakes while cornering as it's easy to lose traction in a corner. It also shifts the bike around which affects turning characteristics. Ideally, you should already be set up before the corner. If coming in hot, it's better to just lean harder into it and, if you're comfortable...
  5. alaskanflyboy

    How do you access the coolant temperature sensor and its wiring harness?

    You say you have a service manual so check 8-73, item 12. The information on inspecting the sensor is on 8-92. The sensor location is on 5-16, installed in the cylinder head on the backside between the #3- and #4-cylinder bores. If you check for your bike, the washer and sensor...
  6. alaskanflyboy

    Front Suspension Adjustment?

    Check The offer calculators to swap springs and oil weight, or they have their Gold Valve Cartridge Emulator packages. Go to that site, click on Product Search, then select your model-year bike (though they're all the same fork from 2009 to 2017). When I was riding the hell...
  7. alaskanflyboy

    Fairings Fitment

    The only change in the entire run of the FZ6R/XJ6 was the passenger grab rail which went from full wrap-around to split from the 2013 model on. And of course the more cosmetic paint colors and decals. So really just the passenger grab rail. Everything else is paint and stickers that everyone...
  8. alaskanflyboy

    How to make brakes more powerful/stronger?

    I'll agree. Stainless steel lines are a major improvement as they don't expand as much as the stock rubber lines, which transfers more hydraulic pressure to the caliper. That said, even with stock brake lines, I usually avoided the rear brake because it was too easy to lock up with just moderate...
  9. alaskanflyboy


    They ride down the right side into a metal loop bracket near the rear brake pedal. The silver lines (if they are still on the hoses) mark where they should be in the bracket.
  10. alaskanflyboy

    rear tire question

    Having been here since I joined 9 years ago last month (damn time's flown by!) this has been beaten to death and you'll find at least 40 separate threads about it if you do a search. 180 is the widest anyone's gone, it does change the handling since the rear now has a different profile than...
  11. alaskanflyboy

    What is clutch electrical wire underneath lever

    I'm more curious about why you would want to remove it. It's a safety switch to prevent you from starting the bike in gear with the clutch engaged. But to answer your question: you could remove it. The starter relay just won't engage if you're out of neutral.
  12. alaskanflyboy

    New Member, Question regarding upcoming modifications

    I never modified mine, but Marthy still occasionally peeks in the forums and is pretty much the guru. It might even be worth messaging him directly.
  13. alaskanflyboy

    Hi everyone

    Welcome to the forum. It's not as lively as it was in the early days, but there's still a good base of knowledge here.
  14. alaskanflyboy

    Center Stand

    I installed the Yamaha center stand. I don't remember having to heat the bolts, but I have some hefty breaker bars.
  15. alaskanflyboy

    FZ6R full Fairings/ dashmount/ mirrors for sale

    The post is almost a year old and he hasn't logged on since last November, but that blue and white scheme was the 2009 model.
  16. alaskanflyboy

    Shift Lever Keeps Unscrewing

    Do you have pictures? And does the area it threads into look like metal or JB Weld? You're the first I can recall that's had this issue here.
  17. alaskanflyboy

    Idle keeps jumping

    How bad were they fouled?
  18. alaskanflyboy

    Idle keeps jumping

    When you say you made an exhaust, do you mean you custom fabricated one? Fluctuating idle could be excessive back pressure from a restriction. It can also be fouled spark plugs from too much fuel. If it was too much oil, removing oil isn't going to help. The excess oil has already been blown...
  19. alaskanflyboy

    Annoying vibration/buzzing sound

    The parts near the windscreen are the most common I've seen here in the 8 years I've been on the forum. Typically it's that black plastic piece over the gauge cluster, followed by a loose windscreen. After stripping out one of the plastic windscreen screws, I found black anodized aluminum screws...
  20. alaskanflyboy

    Engine swap

    I'd try the one out of the old engine first. It's free and the worst outcome is you wasted a little extra time doing three removals and two installs if it doesn't work.