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    FZ6 Cam Install Project

    You can get away with not slotting the gears but there will be a bit of a flat spot down low . The timing Marthy quotes works the best . Pulls from 4000 rpm to redline .
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    New member welcome thread

    That seat looks comfy . Pic of the damage ?
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    Pretty much every bike has auto headlights on , it's to try and stop Stevie Wonder running you over. A.K.A SIDSY
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    Need Help High idle 2012 fz6r

    Don't know why the idle changed but it won't be because of the exhaust change . There's an idle adjuster screw on the left side of the bike . Look between the frame and panels near the throttle body for a phillips heads screw.
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    Bike hesitate under 5k rpm

    Most likely needs the throttle bodies synced.
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    Need Help Neutral safety switch

    Not sure what your trying to do . It will start in gear if the the clutch lever is pulled in , but not if the stand is down , there's a switch on that to .
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    Should I get a retune / ECU flash?
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    Should I get a retune / ECU flash? Adding more timing is well worth doing , they pulled heaps out compared to the R6 and FZ6
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    Question My gears won't engage

    Front sprocket stripped it's spline? Rear sprocket lost its bolts? Busted clutch maybe?
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    Need help with cutting xj6 throttle plate

    Australia might be the only country that had the restrictor to comply with the learner approved power to weight restrictions. Go into diagnostic mode on the dash and see what your throttle reading goes up to. Restricted was 70%
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    Error Code 12

    Have you not seen my reply in your other thread? If you can push start it it's the starter relay, i know cause i had the same problem.
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    Code 12.
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    Code 12.

    Try push starting it , if it runs then its the starter relay.
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    Need Help Camshaft

    You need to machine your FZ6r cam gears to fit the FZ6 cams. It changes the power band from pulling between 6500 - 10000rpm to being 4000rpm to 11000rpm
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    Need Help Can i de restrict by modification?

    you can just cut a bit of the factory throttle plate. Not all countries had the restricted version , where are you?
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    Help 2013 code 12

    If you can push start your bike then it's not the CPS it's the starter relay. Had the same problem.
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    Need Help Finding an Issue

    Instuctions might be wrong check this post.
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    Need Help Tachometer No Display

    Try testing that wire for continuity from end to end with a multimeter , there could be a break in it. Could also be a bad earth wire. Otherwise i'm all out of ideas.
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    My shifter pedal doesn’t reset after I shift down around 1 and 2nd gear

    Probably need to adjust the rod length a bit longer from the shift lever to the clutch arm.
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    FZ6R Riders Show us your baby!!

    2014 model. Fast enough to be fun.