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    Cheap Clip on

    Any 41mm clip on with the 1.5 inch or greater riser. A google search shows there is only 1 being produced at 1.5" WOODCRAFT RACING 41mm CLIP-ON CLIPON HANDLEBAR KIT WITH 1.5" INCH RISE Assuming you went fully nude... on the...
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    2009 fz6r for sale

    Does it come with that view? holy cow!
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    LED Headlight Mod

    Marketing tells us that LED headlamps can be about 275 percent brighter than their halogen counterparts, and they create a more natural-looking light as well. LEDs also require roughly 260 percent less energy to achieve those benefits. I don' t know about all that but what I can say is every...
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    2009 - 2012 Factory Service Manual Genuine Yamaha

    Here go. The bike isn't being made anymore - I doubt they are looking to monetize the service manual this at this point. The file is unencrypted so you can print it out!!Aix-ekVxLTcqh9MjBVygCs9yZIzVTw?e=QNVQht NOTE: this is compressed using winrar. If your...
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    @Half-Click Up Your video's are a treasure. Earlier today I discovered your FZ6R youtube posts and i'm happy to report that I learned something!! The last time I flushed my radiator I thought to myself "That's odd, do we really don't have a reservoir tank? Oh well" and I went on with my...
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    Best fork oil weight?

    The fork oil will matter much less than the springs you put in because you're like me, just a bit heavier than the 160 lbs weight rider that the suspension was designed for. Step 1: go over to race tech and put in the details. ->
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    Woodcraft clip on handlebar mod

    With the bike in pieces for radiator, spark plug, and fork maintenance I figured it's time to try this out & just ordered a set. Beyond the recommendation of getting a new left grip, any recommendations or advice you can give? Thanks!
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    R6 rearsets mod complete how to

    I love discovering threads i've missed for ages! - I'm thinking of doing this to my bike, i'll try to record a video & post pics. The r6 rear set i'll be using is: the Driven set. ->
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    There are two types of riders...

    Well, this happened yesterday so instead of lurking on the forum I figure a post is in order. Like many of you the only reason I look at the weather forecast in the winter is to find an acceptable day to ride. It was supposed to be another amazing Colorado day with sunshine in the afternoon...
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    Stator cover removal

    That silly wire goes behind the frame plate thru a silly little hole smaller than the white coupler. Bah, time to chop Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD EDIT: photo attach failure.
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    Stator cover removal

    No worries there, I have all the parts and was following the rules as requested in the service manual. Getting it unbolted and popped off was not the issue but rather the stator itself is bolted to the inside of the crankcase/stator cover and the wiring coming out of it is routed thru a small...
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    Stator cover removal

    Dead thread revival! :zombie: After getting to the point of removing the stator wiring harness couple have you noticed that the couple itself is LARGER than the darn hole its supposed to come out of? I'm getting ready to splice those darn wires to get the crankcase cover off.
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    Anyone have a wiring diagram?

    I just poked thru the service (not the owners) manual and it has the relevant bits on wiring you will need.
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    Have u taken the MSF Basic Rider course

    When I asked about the ARC they said it was just the BRC except on your own machine. I'll be taking the ARC later this summer not only for kicks but because State Farm apparently provides an additional discount if you take it. Might be worth looking into.
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    How much did you pay for your FZ6R?

    Highlands Ranch CO: got mine for 5999 OTD + sales tax.