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  1. SamC_09

    How to make brakes more powerful/stronger?

    Old post but figured I’d offer: sintered brake pads on my bikes for sure. Better initial bite and better stopping power. Whoa for the go!
  2. SamC_09

    Need Help Fuel pump

    I just replaced mine with Yamaha OEM pump. I believe it needs to be regulated to 36psi (don’t hold me to that - check the shop manual/parts dealer). My shop recommended going back with original equipment. Good luck!
  3. SamC_09

    How much did you pay for your FZ6R?

    2009, 798 miles, bought about 6 weeks ago for just shy of $3k. Put $1000 in her for tires, chain, battery, ALL new fluids, fuel pump, injectors cleaned, spark plugs, and Uncle Sam’s taxes/registration. Had to make a 14hr day trip to get her out of storage from the original owner brand new. Just...
  4. SamC_09

    Riding all winter long?

    I’m curious about this post as I’ve seen some folks lamenting cold start idle issues with their FZ6R online. Down South, I ride all year long so gas never sits longer than a month. I’ll be the first to say thank goodness for fuel injection! My last carb bike needed a LONG time to wake up in...
  5. SamC_09

    Old gas

    I’ve used 1/3 can regular Seafoam. Works good and I always put 93 or non-ethanol in my tank. Back story: found an ‘09 with 798 miles in North Carolina near Virginia. Older rider wanted to learn and put it away for years. Bike had yellow powder in the tank, gas cap, fuel lines, injectors fuel...
  6. SamC_09

    Need Help FZ6R 2014 model hard starting and dies when touching the trohotol

    Anymore issues with the bike? Bought an ‘09 with 800miles that had been sitting. Took out fuel pump now she won’t stay cranked like a fuel delivery issue. Gonna go through fuel pump again today so just curious how yours is doing.