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    Performance cam & chip ?'s

    Search function i your friend, Example:
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    Valve Clearance Adjustment

    Based on your expected mileage in the near future, it might be smart to have the valves CHECKED. I would advise the mechanic to ADJUST them only if intake is tighter than 0.10 or looser than 0.25 Intake (Spec is 0.13 to 0.20) and tighter than 0.20 or looser than 0.35 Exhaust (Spec. is 0.23 to...
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    09' Fz6r issues

    Before you start fooling with the injectors, be sure to check all the fuses. The rodent activity may have created a short circuit in the power supply to the injectors and blown a fuse.
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    2013 yamaha fz6r thermostat change

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    2012 FZ6R Gas Tank

    Google "Used Motorcycle Parts"
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    Bought OEM stator- how to get cable out?!

    Go OEM. Just shop reliable internet sources like Rocky Mountain ATV, and various dealers.
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    2010 FZ6R-R

    Very nice! My 2015 is my second. I bought a 2009 new, then had to sell it when I moved. Looked at newer models, but the FZ6R just does everything right for me.
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    Question Sprocket change effects

    You will increase the speedometer error quite a bit.
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    Hello from Mesquite Texas.

    I'm 75 and on my second FZ6R. I really love the smoothness and high revving motor. I also like that it does not wheelie unless you want it to, unlike my CBR1000RR that was dangerous in the first 3 gears. Most of our group rides are guys 55 plus - The AARP Hooligans. I agree with you that keeping...
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    Softer shock?

    Unless you weigh less than 175 pounds, all you do with a different rate spring is screw up the handling. The rear will be prone to loosing contact on high speed curves with some ripple in the road.
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    Shift Lever Keeps Unscrewing

    Try loctite blue.
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    Just Bought a FZ6R with a 2 Brother pipe and it runs like a pig. HELP !

    Such low mileage means a lot of time sitting with stale gasoline. A friend didn't ride her 6R for two years, and the low end performance was poor. We ran it for three tank fulls with Techron added and it cleaned up like new. I suspect it was gummed up injectors. Can't hurt to give it a try.
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    The Timing Advance Mod: Valve Adjustment?

    The valve check/adjustment is surely cheaper than burned valves.
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    Back after 4 years of not riding

    The R3 can make a good local-only scoot, but you may find the ergonomics are designed for smallish riders. Don't forget to do a brake fluid change on the 6R - ten years is too long.
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    Need Help Temperature problems

    Being 10 years old, the radiator cap may not be working properly. It acts as a two-way valve. As the engine heats up and the coolant expands, it releases the extra coolant into the plastic reservior (Sometimes referred to as an overflow tank). When the engine is turned off and cools down...
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    First Crash

    Invest in a set of frame sliders. Money well spent.
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    Low rpm problems

    You may have kicked up some contamination in the bottom of the fuel tank while stunting. I suggest removing the tank and dumping the fuel by holding it upside down. Fill with half a gallon of fresh fuel, slosh it around, then dump it.
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    Finally decided to stop being a sucker

    Rocky Mountain ATV shows special order 5-7 days on that part. I doubt that anyone is going to have them in stock, because it is not a common replacement part.
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    Finally decided to stop being a sucker

    Front or rear? What year?