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    Valve Clearance Adjustment

    Took a few photos as I was working, still need to test starting up.
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    Valve Clearance Adjustment

    Checked mine last night, didn't need to fully remove the throttle bodies but had to unhook them and lift them back, also remove the breather hose lugs (the ones over the reed valves) and then the cover can rotate out enough counter clockwise to pull out past the throttle bodies. Took a little...
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    Auxiliary/running lights

    I added cob led bars to the sides of my forks, gives some extra running light and really increases the visible cross section of the bike. Fabricated some angle stock bars to fasten to the fronts of my reflectors and tapped off the circuit that went to the turn signal running lights in the front.
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    Valve Clearance Adjustment

    I'm about to do the check myself in the next week or so, a little past the first recommended check (just hit 28k on the bike this weekend) I'll report back if anything needs to be adjusted.