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    i jailbroke my ipad2 yesterday. i like it. anybody have thoughts or opinions on JB'ing? EDIT:
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    i can't wait for christmas!

    a few months back my wife went to a live taping of "the ellen degeneres show"... and her audience got invited back for the "12 days of giveaways", yayuh! she will be going at the end of the month... for those of you not familiar with the show, check this out 12 days!(LINK)
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    GoPro Hero2?!

    damnit i want that. HD HERO2 Cameras - Professional Power to the People and this! GoPro Wi-Fi BacPac & Remote
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    phew, no red light camera...

    that was close... 2 close calls 1 intersection-fz6r - YouTube
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    what I'm drinking right now...

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    pointless thread

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    toof's videos

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    words with friends

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    lets change this!

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    apparently its not always funny...

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    just wanted to say thanks...

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    check out my new scar! (not m/c related)

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    2 bros carbon fiber beer holder...

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    vimeo spam

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    Win a GoPro camera and everything they make!

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    3D hero hd?

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    new hero gopro 960

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