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  1. steveje

    Question What is the OEM brand chain?

    I just replaced my chain and sprockets today and noticed that the brand of chain that I removed was DID. Could this chain been the original chain? I didn’t notice any master link on this chain either. I’m not the original owner and I don’t know the complete history of the bike. Just was...
  2. steveje

    Help identifying fairing piece/trim

    Wow, I think you're right. I can't see anything else it might be. Thanks a lot! Ordering now.
  3. steveje

    Help identifying fairing piece/trim

    Hello. Could someone help identify a part number or where I could buy this piece? The red circle is where the part should be. The yellow circle is the matching trim on the opposite side. I've checked places like partzilla where you can see an exploded view of parts, but I can't seem to find...
  4. steveje

    Engine Guard/Frame Sliders Review and Install

    Hello. I found some eBay engine guard/frame sliders and they looked pretty good but I could not find pictures of them on our bike or any user review of them, so being not too bad of a risk at $29.98, I bought them and was able to install today. Here is the link for anyone interested. Overall...
  5. steveje

    Frame Sliders question

    Thanks cocosrandom, that helps. Another question is for anyone that has the cut version of the frames sliders. I saw in Half Click Up's review video that there are markings on the fairings to show where to cut. On my fairings, it doesn't seem very obvious where the markings would be. There is...
  6. steveje

    Frame Sliders question

    Hello all, Question on frame sliders. On the Shogun and OES brands, one side is longer than the other. My best guess is that the mounting locations are not the same distance from the fairings so they're offset and with the fairings on, they look like they stick out the same distance (looks...
  7. steveje

    R6 rearsets mod complete how to

    What exhaust do you have?
  8. steveje

    R6 rearsets mod complete how to

    Great write-up! Doesn't look to tough to make the R6 rearsets work.
  9. steveje

    R6 Rearsets mod complete

    Looks interesting. I think people could be interested in more info. I would. Does it change your riding position much? Could you post pics from further away to give a better impression on how it looks on the bike overall? Might look better painted black also.